Wake Up!

What to do if a Fire Occurs

If there is a fire at night in your home, do more to increase your chances of waking up as soon as possible by:

  • Understanding the risks and limitations of any existing smoke alarms
  • Being aware that some people take longer to wake up
  • Fitting more smoke alarms
  • Fitting smoke alarms in different rooms and on different floors
  • Exploring the merits of different types of smoke alarms (vibrating pads/ strobe lights) designed to help people with disabilities/special needs
  • Investigate the benefits of new wi-fi smoke alarms with linked handsets that you take to bed with you. Some of these systems also offer additional warning of carbon monoxide gas, the other silent killer in the home
  • Link alarms between rooms - if one goes off it triggers the others
  • Link alarms to external locations to alert third parties and initiate assistance from neighbours and the emergency services
Smoke Inhalation
What to do if a Fire Occurs
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