Wake Up!

Precautions for Early Warning of Carbon Monoxide

WAKE UP urges all householders to take precautions to make sure they have an early warning of carbon monoxide leaks in the home.

  • Understand the real danger of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Tell other people about the dangers of CO
  • Make sure all heating appliances are regularly serviced by qualified people
  • Buy and fit a carbon monoxide alarm in your home

A wide range of CO alarms are available. They include battery-operated digital detectors, combined smoke and CO detectors, and systems that incorporate small portable hand-held units with powerful visible and audible alarms.

Carbon monoxide detectors can be purchased for as little as £20

Some detectors are portable and can easily be moved from room to room

Portable detectors should always be taken on holiday - especially abroad - and be used in hotel rooms, apartments, caravans, boats and anywhere a risk of poisoning may exist.

For more information about the different types of smoke and CO alarm available, and their suitability to meet your particular needs, see the links below.


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Precautions for Early Warning of CO
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